Music on Main

Music is live and alive in Canton!

We’re home to an impressive collection of talented local musicians always at the ready to perform for appreciative crowds.

Our Music on Main series on the Collinsville Green is a destination event drawing visitors from near and far — often for fun nights out of dining and live entertainment.

Support your local musicians and artists.

Collinsville, CT - Music on Main

2023 Marks our Fourth Season! This season we have an impressive line-up of talented musicians excited to perform – but we need your financial support to keep the music playing!

I am not a musician, but big fan of live music. Music on Main brought a much needed relief from pandemic fatigue, business to the local restaurants and a sense of community. The music was fantastic — I live an hour away and it was well worth the drive. I will gladly spend more time on the road for a night of good music in Collinsville.  – Pam 

I didn’t know about Collinsville and what a super nice New England town it is. Walking around the town, was a breath of fresh air, literally. We had a wonderful evening including delicious pizza and getting to play in front of people who appreciated our music was magic. The people, the town, the music was just what the Dr. had ordered. If you’re gonna have Music on Main again we’ll have to come up earlier and do some longer walking… maybe even kayak down the river? Thanks for the magical night. — Chris

It was a wonderful feeling to attend the Music on Main shows! If it wasn’t for your invitation to Music on Main, my weary thoughts of COVID-19 would have marched on. Seeing many friends, family and township sprawled every which way in order to “safely sit” around the stage brought joy and peace to my musical and social soul. It’s evident how music can soothe our hearts, lift our spirits and unite our souls. Our diverse community came together as one during a challenging time. Thank you Collinsville / Canton community for… being. — Lee Ann 

Coming together with a like minded and respectful group of people to listen to live music was one of the biggest highlights of the year. In addition, I thought this should happen even after the virus is behind us. It’s a joyful experience that also supports the well deserved local businesses in Collinsville. I hope we have this again. I will be a big supporter! — Amanda