What We Do

Community building through common goals and honest dialogue.

We’re all about maintaining a strong “Downtown” by enhancing quality of life for residents and commercial opportunities for business owners.

We do this by partnering with a wide range of local stakeholders who share our interest in championing Canton as a preferred place to live, work, and play.

We provide strategic, advisory, and in some cases, financial support to those interested in initiating projects and/or events which align with our mission to champion Canton in four key areas: Cultural, Economic, Environmental, and Social.


We work to support and celebrate both our town’s rich history of innovation, grit and authenticity as well as the many creative expressions of art and culture alive in our community today.


We work to support Canton small businesses, helping to strategize and implement ways of promoting and maintaining a vibrant local economy.


We work to support the care of our mountains, rivers, trails, wildlife, and preserved lands, as well as downtown areas where individuals and groups gather.


We work to support community events and encourage a social scene that welcomes people of all backgrounds to come enjoy Canton and all it has to offer.

A few of our projects

Canton Flower Bridge

This project brings color and beauty to the great bend on the Farmington River in Collinsville.

Collinsville, CT - bridge decorated with flowers

Main Street Green

A spot for residents and visitors to enjoy, right in the heart of Collinsville.

Shop Local Canton

When residents shop local, everyone thrives. Support local businesses throughout the year.

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